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Patient, methodical, back pack flow, ready for the top! That's what you get when you talk about Kenny V. Since 2012, 26 year old Kenny V has been determined to achieve his  music goals. His passion for music exceeds both artistry and lifestyle. When he first picked up the pen Kenny V felt music was his outlet for a better life, and a better him. A quite over weight Kenny was fueled by his music and a team of supporters. He buckled down and lost over 80lbs in two years to bring his music to life while on stage and in the booth. He worked on his public speaking and appearance to become the artist he always wished he could follow.

Now in 2018 the Danbury, CT,  based artist has performed and reached markets all around the United States including New York, Chicago, Cleveland and Nashville. Generating a following that has allowed him to connect and build with artists and executives who see the same vision he sees for his career.

With passion fueled by self-expression in an open field of creativity, Kenny V impacts the world by showing dreamers they can have fun, be positive, and achieve. Feel good vibes and universal sounds coupled with relatable content stemming from experience, Kenny V’s music style is conscious with a fun twist. 

To date, Kenny V’s latest singles “BOY”, “In My Zone” and "One Time" have garnered airtime with online radio stations throughout the Mid-West and the reknowned Hip Hop and R&B station Hot 93.7. He has opened for the likes of 2 Chainz, Diggy Simmons and Pryde. He has had the opportunity to work with producers all around the world such as The E, Smitherz, Gambino and Chase Davis, as well as artists Jae Metaphor, Jae 2 Liive, Brodie Fresh, Black Child and more, and recently signed his first distribution deal as an independent artist through Addventures Music. 

Kenny V continues to do shows, interviews,  and radio pushing his brand as he is anticipating a TNT Tour in the Summer of 2018. He has just returned from the Addventures Next Up Tour with Chris "Gotti" Lorenzo and has followed up with his latest EP, TNT: Til Next Time, available on all music platforms.

In addition to developing his lyrical craft, Kenny V runs his own production company, clothing line and lifestyle brand DayDream. He intends to release a brand new exclusive line of DayDream apparel to bundle with his music and tour merchandise. Kenny V has given him self to music and the world is responding accordingly for videos, pictures and links.





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